Download iOS 7 Like Control Center Tweak for iOS 6

Download iOS 7 Like Control Center Tweak for iOS 6, When the first iOS 7 was launched apple has used a number of popular jailbreak tweaks as the base of their new features.  Which mean the developers of these tweaks will have to think again about the tweaks for the future. The developers these days are developing Cydia tweaks that look like iOS 7 to install on iOS 6+ devices that have been already jailbroken.


The new iOS firmware has created a bit of talk in the Apple community. Many had an opinion about iOS getting old and falling behind with times , while there were many others who felt it should be best kept as it is. Surenux, A developer who is responsible for few of the additions to the themes and interface tweaks has now release a new addition to NCSettings called the iOS7 control Toggle Icon Pack. The pack features iOS6 users a new look of the control center with out the need of installing the firmware.

This pack is only available for those who are using NCSettings to access OS through the Notification center. NCSetting is a powerful feature of its own, made even more powerful with it being easily added to. This is specially useful to those who want to see how iOS7 looks and feels like without being and apple developer or by risking their device by installing the beta versions of the firmware without UDID activation.

To get the real experience of a iOS7 control center or a iOS6 user, its advisable to find and install the necessary tweak that will blur the notification Center background. BlurriedNCBackground is a good choice to use and its free from cydia. All you have to do is first download this icon pack and then the background tweak, Activate it through WinterBoard and then move over to the settings App. Find NCSettings, Tap on the Themes and activate the Icons pack, This can be activated only through the notification center. because of the nature of the package. not like the beta firmware which allows it to be activated via swipe gesture.

iOS 7 Control Toggle Icons pack is free to download from the BigBoss repo on Cydia. You must have a device which is jailbroken  and it must be running iOS 6+ and have NCSettings installed.

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