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Download iOS 7 Gold Master, Apple has released the final version of iOS 7 also known as the iOS 7 Gold Master one day after Apple’s September 10th special event to developers. The latest iOS version is all set to release on 18th of this month to general public. Since it is a Gold Master or final version it wont have any expiration date and is almost bug free and fit for public use. So, today we will provide you direct download links of iOS 7 GM right from our  developer account.


Apple released the last beta version of iOS 7 which was Beta 6 around 4 weeks ago, if you are still using a beta version it is advised to upgrade to the gold master version before the beta version expires.

The final version of Apple iOS 7 comes with a lot of improvements and bug fixes including fixes for iPads which were suffering some lag with iOS 7 Beta version. Gold Master also includes a lot of new add ons, like brand new set Ringtones, alerts and 34 new wallpapers to big your iPhone a brand new look and feel.

After a lot of negative feedback from Apple lovers complaining about the looks of iOS 7 now is a complete opposite scene, well guys we have told you earlier also iOS 7 doesn’t look and feel like you see it on images. iOS 7 will blow your away with its fresh new looks and colors with soft touch responses. Believe us if you have not tried it out yet below are the download links just install it and comment how you feel about it.


iOS 7 GM Download Links – GM

iOS 7 GM Download Links – Unofficial

iPhone 5 A1428 :

  1. Mirror 1:!DREDxBxI!D8spnz97oapqqs1zyRHkezjTEhJ3kESVJguup6qAxBU
  2. Mirror 3:!IpJCWL5L!DxGH2Q7Q3SiE_8OZmxdPMQ7-dV0FvO_PoVO2OZx7THs

iPhone 5 A1429 US CDMA And Rest Of World

  1. Mirror 1:!PVEw0BCB!PT3b52w4V9mXEjM_b-QhKkn3DcMeY-_mz6VWlTcPGf4
  2. Mirror 3:!Is5RwJBA!Khh4VFBdoz8OmLngSDXVeALqJtNC9yTLLTBq6Ws6E10

iPhone 4S

  1. Mirror 1:!LFF3wKwK!Ph_KbnHOlZ6AH9b3uFxNq2GpGggrNTPc8nYgvPAgYs0
  2. Mirror 3:!AgYngK5C!J9yBrFy9OMT7RLWWHFg7CiQY5z1kaP3v54Erjnyauhk

iPhone 4 GSM

  1. Mirror 1:!TVVFQBYK!Ao7fuEvmbD9779WfgeO3JRqfC-cTHetcCW5YUtRkPyk
  2. Mirror 3:

iPhone 4 Rev A

  1. Mirror 1:!PIFk2C7K!EjDvnXqTU2f2vbtqqtUuzD8YkcY7ulwb9FTUZbPz8jY
  2. Mirror 3:

iPhone 4 CDMA

  1. Mirror 1:!SBEDlC5B!cCTntVuaGbGdCgusnwVNkXb95MEfEEJe6O9YMJ2nAU4
  2. Mirror 3:!cw4hALDb!ZJyrUUlrfLT120lK7pWc5gkQDOAJVhRF3-OGCNRcL40

iPod Touch 5th Gen

  1. Mirror 1:!DMNFiBYQ!f187rUqlsTTCUCYh0ToEjzL5g0wfaKI0u_lJItoCOwg
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4 thoughts on “Download iOS 7 Gold Master

  1. When I tried to download iOS7 from Mega directly to my 4S, it continued to download for over an hour. I have a fast home wifi and 65% memory avail on the phone……what am not understanding here? BTW, You folks are awesome!!! How can I contribute to your work?

    • I am not sure if Mega is compatible with mobile devices or not. The site downloads in a different way, you should try it out on a computer. Thanks a lot for the comment. We love nothing more than Likes, Shares and comments. Keep those coming. :)

  2. I am very exciting to have ios7 jailbreak. I am honoring jailbreak team who work hard on ios7 jailbreak. I believe ios7 jailbreak will come out as soon as ios7 released by apple. Because I am a believer.

  3. Toadsawesome says:

    How much longer till ios 7 jailbreak? i did a stupid thing and updated my ipod and ipad to ios 7 and lost my wonderful jailbreak..