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Download iOS 7 Beta 4, after a delay caused by the security issue of Apple Developers program iOS 7 Beta 4 is finally here. iOS 7 Beta 4 download was to be made available few days back but a security issue that caused Apple to shutdown their developers site delayed it. The latest beta 4 version of iOS 7 comes three weeks after the release of iOS 7 Beta 3. As everyone known a new beta version always comes with improvements and bug fixes, that is not much of a difference with iOS 7 Beta 4. Now available for registered Apple developers from Apple’s developer center or you can download and install it over the air (OTA) on your iPhone if already running on previous beta version of iOS 7.


We have just install iOS 7 Beta 4 in our devices and noticed that it is much more smooth and responsive as compared to beta 3. If you have used you may know that beta 3 had an issue when switching between apps, but that is gone in this version of iOS 7. Bellow are some of the main differences we noticed so far, if you saw anything else please let us know in the comments below.

  • Lock Screen interface has been changed a little, no more up arrow that confused me to slide it up.
  • Call button of the Phone app, answer – decline button has been retouched.
  • Noticed minor changed to Spotlight interface.
  • The animations and much smooth and faster.
  • New feature – Completed uploads section in notification center.
  • HDR on-off switch relocated in Camera app, thank god.
  • Swipe enabled in notification center, you can now swipe left and right.
  • AirPlay icons renewed.
  • The settings app gets some navigation improvements.

These are just few of the changes in iOS 7 Beta 4. More or less this new version comes with a lot of improvements and added features, with this going on i can say it for sure that iOS 7 will leave its mark among the iOS lovers for sure. What are your thoughts?

iOS 7 Beta 4 Official Links : Requires Developers Account

UnOfficial iOS 7 Beta 4 Links : (copy + paste in your browser)

  • iOS 7 Beta 4 IPSW firmware upload in progress.

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