Download iOS 7.0.2 IPSW – Fix Lockscreen Issues

Download iOS 7.0.2 IPSW, Just now Apple released an upgrade to the ever popular iOS 7. The new iOS 7.0.2 comes with the fix for the famous iOS 7 lockscreen bypass issue that went viral in social media soon after it was discovered. If you don’t know the issue was that one can easy have complete access to the Photos App on your iOS 7 device without knowing or entering your Passcode.


The trick was simple yet tricky, all you have to do is slide up to access the Control Center and tap on the Time/Stop Watch icon, now go to the Alarm tab and press hold the power button till you see the slide to power off. Now press the home button two times with the second time being a bit longer, when you release the home button for the second time you will end up in multitasking, from here you can move to the camera app and tap on the lower left corner to access the Photos with full control.

Ya i know you are thinking what if the camera app is not running in the app, well if you check your iPhone the camera app is available in the lock screen all you have to do is go to the camera app and press the home button to push it to the background and go alone with the steps above. I know its scary, Photos and text messages are may be the most important reason we keep a passcode on in the first place and when one of them can be accessed without a passcode and that too with full control, with full control we mean the unauthorized person can do anything to your photos.

The issue is critical so Apple made no delay in released the fix for it, make sure you download and install iOS 7.0.2 as early as possible and do let your friends and family know about it. Best way is to share this article on twitter or Facebook.

Download iOS 7.0.2 IPSW

As always the direct download links are at our iOS Download Page.

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