How to Fix iOS 8 Boot Loop after installing Unsupported App

Fix-iOS-8-boot-loop-ios-8.1.1 The jailbreak utility has always been criticized for being a harmful tool as it has the potential to damage an iOS gadget severely. However, this has never deterred the jailbreak developers who are in the constant pursuit of proving these criticisms false. One of the most important and popular developers of the Cydia application, Saurik, […] Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 8 Now

top-10-reasons-to-jailbreak-ios-8 Top 10 Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 8 Now, The jailbreak for iOS 8 series of updates has been officially launched by the Chinese jailbreak team Pangu recently. The initial release of the jailbreak was mainly targeted to tweak developers. It did not have the provision for installing Cydia at that time, but now the upgraded version […] Continue reading

Top 20 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8 Cydia

top-20-cydia-tweaks-thumbnail Top 20 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 8 Cydia, The iOS 8 jailbreak was released recently by the Chinese jailbreak team developers who developed Pangu. Ever since, saurik and some other developers who make jailbreak tweaks have been on the job of creating tweaks for all the existing applications as well as for the new features which […] Continue reading

iOS 8 Jailbreak

ios-8-jailbreak iOS 8 Jailbreak, Finally guys some great news we have here. iOS 8 Jailbreak has been released by Pangu Jailbreak supporting iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 which was released by Apple just two days back. Pangu Jailbreak debuted with iOS 7.1 jailbreak and they have now successfully released iOS 8 Jailbreak. Pangu jailbreak is now […] Continue reading

iOS 8.1 Download

ios-8.1-download iOS 8.1 Download, Apple has announced the release of iOS 8.1 beta 1 for software developers. All the Apple devices which work on iOS 8, Apple’s latest mobile operating system, will be compatible with this beta form. It is also expected that this update will be compatible with Apple Pay. The iOS 8 has been […] Continue reading

SERIOUS iOS 8 FLAW – Here is How to Protect Yourself

quicktype-flaw-how-to-protect SERIOUS iOS 8 FLAW – QuickType revealing passwords, One of the new features that can be found on iOS 8, Apple’s new mobile operating system, is the QuickType using which its users can manually type a text or an email at a much faster pace. The QuickType is a software which can predict the text that […] Continue reading

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Which is More Durable

iPhone-6-vs-iPhone-6-Plus-Durability-test iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Which is More Durable, The durability of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been undergoing some tests to ascertain their value in terms of its breakability and the ability to withstand misuse by its users. Some of the tests that were implemented on the two latest […] Continue reading

How to install Apps for Free Using AppAddict

AppAddict-for-ios-7 How to install Apps for Free Using AppAddict, The disappearance of the cracked app installer install0us that disappeared along with Hackul0us must have come as bad news, but there is good news for those who were disappointed.  The alternative to this is called AppAddict that will help you get paid for apps for free on your […] Continue reading

Pangu 7.1.x Untether Jailbreak Updated on Cydia

Pangu-7.1-7.1.x-Untether-cydia Pangu 7.1.x Untether Jailbreak Updated on Cydia, Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 7 became popular overnight among Jailbreak lovers which gave them a chance to jailbreak their iOS devices running iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.x after Apple fixed the Evasi0n jailbreak in iOS 7.0.3 earlier this year. Pangu Jailbreak released by a team of Chinese Jailbreakers […] Continue reading

How to Password Protect WhatsApp and Messages on iPhone

password-protect-whatsapp-convoprotect How to Password Protect WhatsApp and Messages on iPhone, every iPhone user or i can can say any smart phone user knows about WhatsApp. The popular free messaging app took over the world like a hollywood movie alien invasion. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp for their daily social text message needs, but when it comes to […] Continue reading
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