How to Mail More than 5 Photos at once on iPhone iPad

send-more-than-5-images-iphone-ipad-email How to Mail More than 5 Photos at once on iPhone iPad, The fact that when you can’t attach more than five photos when you are using mail app on iPhone or iPad, is a big inconvenience. Such setbacks that come with iOS are addressed by the valuable jailbreak community. As a matter of fact one [...] Continue reading

Dual boot iOS 6 iOS 7 tool for iPhone iPad

triple-boot-ios-5-ios-6-ios-7-iphone-ipad Dual boot iOS 6 iOS 7 tool to be released soon, Dual booting your iOS device with iOS 6 as well as iOS 7 takes your iOS experience to a totally different level. This possibility saw new hope with Winocm posting a video on Youtube showing his iPad 2 dual booting with iOS 5 and iOS [...] Continue reading

How to Enable Button Shapes in iOS 7.1

enable-button-shapes-ios-7.1 How to Enable Button Shapes in iOS 7.1, The release of iOS 7 saw Apple do a major improvement on the User Interface,a number of setbacks still remain though. One of the short comings that still lingered was the absence of buttons, for instance the text button. Such issues seem to have been addressed by apple [...] Continue reading

iPad Pro May Release This Year – Report

apple-ipad-pro-concept-2014-1 iPad Pro May Release in 2014, Once again German designers CURVED Labs, have come up with a new concept iPad pro, this concept show exactly what major users of the Apple slate could be up for. It s display is a 12.9 inch 4K nearing 300 ppi. This ideal device has the same thickness as iPad [...] Continue reading

Photo Booth for iOS 7 – Cydia Tweak

Effects+-cydia-tweak-2 Photo Booth for iOS 7 – Cydia Tweak, In as much as photo booth is not made available in iPhone and the general feeling is that it needs to be included, there is still a way you can go around to get the experience. The effects+ is a free Cydia tweak with the ability to add [...] Continue reading

How To Enable Hidden Wallpapers In iOS 7

hidden-wallpapers-iOS-7-cydia-tweak How To Enable Hidden Wallpapers In iOS 7, Before apple removes a feature completely, more often they hide it first, and then later phase it out completely. One of the features that they held back on upon release of iOS 7 was the Dynamic wallpapers; this is just one of the few experimental implementations they had [...] Continue reading

iOS 7.1 Features Full List

iOS-7.1-features-new-list iOS 7.1 Features Full List, The arrivals of iOS 7.1 comes with a number of changes, in as mush as it is not a full version firmware, a lot of which will be accepted. its predecessor, iOS 7 didn’t attract an overall approval from all. Some even had the opinion that it was not necessary [...] Continue reading

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak

ios-7.1-jailbreak-evasi0n-7-evasion iOS 7.1 Jailbreak, here we go Apple released iOS 7.1 to public and the craze of a jailbreak is on. Specially for that upgraded to the latest OS, because as mentioned in our posts earlier, iOS 7.1 patches some of the exploits that Evasi0n 7 use to jailbreak iOS. In other words Evasi0n 7 doesn’t [...] Continue reading
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