Customize your Battery Popup Alerts

Customizing your Battery Pop up Alerts or banners is made simple using this amazing Cydia tweak. iOS pop ups or banners are very common alerts or notifications that gives us update information or valuable resource related data, although they appear all the time but it seems they appear most when you are busy doing something. Most of them annoying and pointless. The style and feel of the pop ups and banners has not change to a great level and they are plain and boring to look at every day. Using this Cydia tweak you can customize your Battery level notification pop ups to the may you like it, named LowPowerBanner this tweak can remove the annoying battery pop ups that often interfere in our work and game play.


LowPowerBanner pushes a notification to you without disturbing you at all and at the same time giving you the required information. You can set the speech bobble to appear on battery levels you want manually, you can customize the message of the alert along with many other options like you can customize the sound to play with the alert, vibrate the phone for the times when it is in your pocket and so on. I really hate it when the low battery pop up interrupts me during an instance game-play that to for a 20 percent battery level, you can set the battery level of your choice to display the alert like. The Tweak can be downloaded and used for free of cost from Cydia’s bigboss repo.

So, guys give this tweak a try and let me know your feedback. If you are yet to jailbreak your device check out iOS 6.1.2 untethered jailbreak tutorial.

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