Cellphone Unlock Bill Passed in US

Cellphone Unlock Bill Passed in US, here is some good news for all the cell phone users. Cellphone unlocking which is demanded by many people is now in the process of being made legal. Last year the US library of congress voted to overturn a bill that allowed cellphone consumers to unlock their devices and allowing them the freedom to use any other sim card. Now a new bill is about to be passed through the US senate to make cellphone unlocking legal again.


The decision is made after an online outrage of users signing an online petition reaching more than 100,000 signatures. The petition was later passed to the government who promised that they will look into the matter and bring it to a proper solution as soon as possible, and finally it seems the decision has been made. The new bill has been passed on July 16th 2014 and received support from consumers, carriers and other government boards. Well, that is no it, there is a final step before the new bill can be legalised and that is President Obama’s approval and signature to sign the bill into law. That will be done a short while, once President signs on it, cellphone unlocking will be a legal act and you can unlock your device, if locked and use any cellular carrier of your choice.

Just to make things clear we must tell you that this bill doesn’t allow you to unlock your device just after buying it, what it allows you to do is unlock your device once you complete the minimum term criteria according to your contract with your current carrier. The new bill is valid for cell phones only. So, if you have a locked Tablet, well you will have to wait.

Another important highlight of the bill is that it will allow bulk unlocking, an act which has been made illegal last year. Bulk unlocking basically means that a second hand store or something like that can get multiple cell phones unlocked at once from carriers. Do you have a locked phone? What are your thoughts about this new bill, let us known in the comments below.

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