Bypass 50MB Download limit for Apps on App Store

Bypass 50MB Download limit for Apps on App Store, those who tried downloading an app, game or iOS update from the app store over 3G and LTE data connection certainly have seen the message telling This Item is over 50MB and asking you to connect to a WiFi data connection before you can download it or you can use iTunes on your computer to download the app from the app store.


Well, this limit is for our own protection from the high prices data packages you can easily end up your data limit or the extent the monthly bill to an extreme level by download on that connection. But there are some times when we really need an app or a game downloaded and there is no WiFi connectivity available at that moment or may be you have an unlimited low-cost 3g or LTE data connection you can bypass and walk around this Limit using one of the following tricks. Out of these 3 tricks 2 of them uses one iOS feature to get around the limit while the last on required you a Jailbreak.

Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and WiFi sharing on your computer

This trick is simple and straight forward, what we will do is, we will loop the 3G / LTE connection from the iPhone to your computer using personal hotspot then share this connection as WiFi from your computer to your iPhone. What! Confusing? it is simple.

  • On your iPhone turn off WiFi
  • Enable Personal Hotspot and use bluetooth or USB cable to tether the connection to your computer.
  • Once your computer gets the Connection share it as a WiFi hotspot. It is internet Sharing in Mac and Connectify for windows.
  • Now on the iPhone Turn on WiFi again and you will see the Computer’s WiFi Connection, Connect to it.
  • Once connected, download the app or game.

Personal Hotspot on an iPhone or android and WiFi for the iPhone to download the app on

In this technique we will create a personal hotspot on a iPhone or Android with a data connection and Connect the other iPhone to it through WiFi thus allowing us to download over the Limit.

  • Steps are same as above, go to settings on the iPhone with data connection to use and enable personal hotspot.
  • On the other iPhone where you want to download the app, go to settings – WiFi and connect to this HotSpot and download.

Use 3G Unrestrictor to Bypass the Download limit

This trick doesn’t require another computer or iPhone but required you to have Jailbreak on your iPhone. Check iPhone jailbreak tutorial to do that.

  • On Cydia, Search for 3G Unrestrictor
  • Download and install it – This is not free 3G unrestrictor comes with a price tag of $3.99
  • Once installed, check 3G unrestrictor to ensure App Store and iTunes are in the unrestricted list.

Now you can download apps of any size you want.

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