Bill Introduced to Re-Legalize iPhone Unlock

It all started when the Library of Congress made a decision to make Cellphone unlocking illegal, this followed by a petition raised to be presented to the Whitehouse. A minimum of 100,000 signatures are required for the petition to be considered by the Whitehouse and more than 114,000 signatures received. Soon the Whitehouse responded to the petition by announcing that they support the petitioners and made sure that a new bill has been introduced to make unlocking legal again.


The new bill is not active yet, which means you cannot unlock your iPhones right away but pretty soon the ban will be reversed and you can happily unlock your iPhone from the carrier you are locked to, for those who don’t know unlocking means to make your device use any sim from any telecom service provider other than the one you bought your iPhone from on a contract. This news is like a new life for those who have locked down iPhones because they cannot unlock their devices because there their carrier don’t do so. Many carriers will unlocking in recent times after the contract is over, with an exception that your iPhone is jailbroken, which is already ruled as legal by US government.

The next few months will be very interesting for locked iPhone users, as Whitehouse is making decisions on the topic with the telecom carriers. Well, as of now it is still illegal to unlock an iPhone but in near future this can change, we will covering the whole issue for you, so don’t forget to like us on Facebook or twitter to get the updates. The process is not simple through, the telecom carriers are working real hard to stop this from happening.

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3 thoughts on “Bill Introduced to Re-Legalize iPhone Unlock

  1. Michael sanders says:

    So, is my iPhone 5 that I bought from apple at full price, gsm unlocked, is not really unlocked?

    • If it is factory unlocked, it is fully unlocked. This bill for those who bought iPhone from the telecom companies with a contract of 2 years.

  2. Michael sanders says:

    Oh, ok I understand. That’s good to hear!
    So, when does this bill go to vote, any idea?