Best Winterboard Themes for iPhone 5

Best Winterboard Themes for iPhone 5, well who doesn’t like themes for their phones. One of the main reason of jailbreaking is to be able to download and install beautiful and hd themes for your iPhone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 and other iOS devices respectively. Apple had made the iOS in a very branded manner, i can’t think of a better work now but it is something like an overall design constancy that Apple maintains over all its products and software and they don’t like people mess up with it, but we all like customization we all have likes and dislikes – this is where Jailbreak comes in, jailbreak gives us the free to change the look and feel of our eye candy device and make the most out of it.


WinterBoard is a cydia app which allows us to use themes on our devices, winterboard was developed by the same power programmer Jay Freeman better known as Saurik who is also the creator of Cydia. Winterboard works by replacing your whole GUI with a custom package downloadable separately from different developers through cydia. Your device must be jailbroken to use cydia or winterboard, you can check iOS 6 jailbreak using evasion for jailbreaking your device. Apart from winterboard there are many more similar apps available in cydia but most don’t have as much customization as winterboard has. Here are our pick of favorite Winterboard themes for iPhone 5 –

ARCd HD Winterboard Theme :


Ayecon Theme :


CarbonX HD Theme :


Fifty Theme :


Glasklart HD Theme :


JellyBean Winterboard Theme :


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2 thoughts on “Best Winterboard Themes for iPhone 5

  1. The first pic, from the lockscreen.. what is it called its gorgeous!?

  2. Gorgeous