Best Weather Apps for iPhone 5

Best Weather Apps for iPhone 5, when did the last time your check the weather on your iPhone, Just few mins ago? well we always check the weather to plan an outing with friends and family or may for any other reason. The problem with the stock weather app is that it is too basic, simple and boring, I know some of you may prefer it that way but we have listed below some of the best weather Apps available for your iPhone 5.



It is a very interesting weather app that is based on gestures. The app needs to be controlled by means of various gestures. It also allows for sharing of the weather data on social networking sites. Good to keep your friends updated about the weather. And moreover, the interface is very intuitive and it looks very interesting. It costs $1.

Yahoo! Weather

Weather apps from Yahoo have always been interesting. And so is this new app from the technology powerhouse. It is a beautiful app and with just an upward swipe on the screen, it presents the user with a wide variety of information related to the weather. It is free.


It is a very interesting app specially designed for the Retina display of the iPhone 5. Just swipe up the screen and you will be presented with an hourly forecast of the weather. Similarly, swiping down the screen gives you information about the weather forecast for the next three days. And to change between locations, all that needs to be done is swiping. It is available for $1.99.


This is also a useful and interesting weather app. Its main feature are its three screens that can be swiped through. The first screen displays information about the sunrise and sunset times. The second screen displays information about the temperature. The third screen displays information about the humidity. It also has different themes, thus making it pretty interesting. It is available for $2.99.

Take Weather

This app is available for free and it is a weather app with a built-in social network. It lets you take pictures of places and upload them. These uploaded pictures can then be viewed by other people who are there in that area.

Weather Neue

This app is also available for free. The USP of this app is its simplicity. It is very simple and easy to use and it also supports themes. For more information about iOS devices, keep following evasion jailbreak.

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