Best iOS 8 Notification Center Widgets

Best iOS 8 Notification Center Widgets, Apple announced its iOS 8 in World Developers Conference in Moscone West in the month of June earlier this year. The special thing about this conference is that there are few unconventional moves taken by Apple. Apple is always popular for limiting the access for third parties apps but this time Apple encouraged its third parties by making their most customizable operating system. Now developers are being allowed to third-party keyboard support, to produce Notification Center Widgets, TouchID access etc.


Here’s the list of apps for your iOS 8 device which are updated to support iOS 8 Notification widgets. This list is very brief but covers all the popular supportive apps.

  • Launcher – Favorites at your Fingertips (Free)
  • 24me (Free)
  • Agenda+ ($1.99)
  • Asana (Free)
  • Audible (Free)
  • Breaking News (Free)
  • Calendars 5 ($6.99)
  • Clear ($4.99)
  • Countdowns (Free)
  • DataMan Next ($1.99)
  • Day One (Free)
  • Discover (Free)
  • Dropbox (Free)
  • Duolingo (Free)
  • ETA ($1.99)
  • Evernote (Free)
  • Finish (Free)
  • Forecast+ ($0.99)
  • iTranslate (Free)
  • Kanvas (Free)
  • Lose It (Free)
  • Matter ($1.99)
  • News Republic (Free)
  • NYT Now (Free)
  • OmniFocus ($19.99)
  • OpenTable (Free)
  • Parcel (Free)
  • Paste+ ($3.99)
  • PCalc ($9.99)
  • Pedometer++ (Free)
  • Retro for Instagram on iPad (Free)
  • Runtime ($2.99)
  • Sky Guide ($1.99)
  • Star Guide ($1.99)
  • TwoDots (Free)
  • Vice News (Free)
  • Wattpad (Free)
  • Wdgts (Free)
  • Wunderlist (Free)
  • Yahoo Weather (Free)

As time goes on, developers tend to make the required updates for all the popular iOS apps to make them support Notification Center Widgets. If you are interested in these updates do subscribe to us via email we will be covering most of the iOS 8 goodies.

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