Best iOS 8 Keyboards

Best iOS 8 Keyboards, The launch of iOS 8 has finally come, this has seen usual apps undergo updates by developers and new ones have also been added in an attempt to take advantage of the numerous great features. One such feature is that it is now possible to replace your normal keyboard with a new and different on at will on iOS 8.


As at present a number of keyboards are already present for downloading and installing on iOS 8. It is expected that more will be coming and so watch out for any updates on this post to keep you aware of such arrivals. Below is a list of available iOS 8 compatible third party keyboards.

iOS 8-ready keyboards

  • Brightkey (free) – This offers a keyboard that is colourful
  • Color Keyboards ($0.99) – This allows your keyboard colour to change
  • Fleksy ($0.99) – This could possibly be the fastest keyboard known in the world.
  • KuaiBoard (50% off at $1.99) – This offers shortcuts for text
  • Minuum (50% off $1.99) – This is a small keyboard for those with big fingers
  • SwiftKey (free) – This has the ability to learn from you as it is a smart keyboard
  • Swype ($0.99) – Has the ability to input words at a faster speed from just swipes
  • TextExpander ($4.99) – This enables shortcuts
  • TouchPal (Free) – This allows faster typing and faster swiping

As more and more apps become available on the apps store, watch out for more updates in the coming days as you enjoy trying out the currently available ones.

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