Auto Stop Music When You Sleep

Auto Stop Music When You Sleep on your iPhone or iPod Touch, how many times did you woke and see your iPhone or iPod battery all drained because you left the music on whole night as you fell asleep while listening to music. Yes i know this is not a very uncommon scene, this happens to a lot of us when we like to listen to soul full, memory refreshing music with out eyes closed and we fall sleep without stopping the music on iPhone or iPod, the devices keep on playing the music till it die while we are sound asleep next to it.


Well, this is not that of a serious problem but it definitely not a good thing when you have to go out early the next morning, with your phone’s battery death you are stuck while it charges. This trick i am about to tell you is in-built in your iPhone or iPod touch, which means it doesn’t require any third-party apps to be downloaded and install nor it needs a Cydia tweak. This trick works on every iPhone and iPod touch and doesn’t require a Jailbreak. You can simply use your Timer to stop the music on a definite time automatically, set it to a time just past the time you will pass out, when you do the timer will stop the music from playing and lock the device automatically.

To do that first of all tap on the Clock app on your home screen, now tap on the Timer tab at the bottom right. Now scroll up and down the time wheel to set your desired time and tap on When Timer Ends tap, here scroll down to Stop Playing and tap on it. This will set the timer end action to Stop the music from playing. Tap on Set on top right corner and then tap on Start button.

You are all done, now you can start the music and close your eyes for a sound sleep, after you fall asleep the music will be stopped and device will be locked at the time you set earlier. Good Night

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