Apple’s patents iPhone Fall Control Mechanism

Apple’s patents iPhone Fall Control Mechanism, It seems Apple wants to make iPhone the gadget of choice for Bond, James Bond. Well it seems so from the recent patents of the technology giant. What can you expect from your iPhone that will make it the gadget of choice of the most famous spy in history? Bullets coming out from the headphone port? The iPhone acting like a Satellite receiver? The iPhone shooting out a harness?


Well, Apple has taken your imagination to a whole different level. It has filed patents for technology that uses sensors to determine when a device is falling, its speed and orientation to the surface on which it is supposed to fall. These sensors are connected to processors, which determine the best position that the device should fall at so that the damage to the device is a minimum.

An excerpt:

An electronic device including a processor, a sensor in communication with the processor and a protective mechanism.

The protective mechanism is in communication with the processor and is configured to selectively alter a center of mass of the electronic device.

Additionally, the electronic device also includes an enclosure configured to at least partially enclose the processor and the sensor.

You must have thought that it might be able to change its position mid-air in order to fall at an appropriate position. Guess what? You are right. The patent filing includes that too.

It makes use of a weight inside the device that shifts its position to change the device’s center of gravity in order to change the position of the device. There’s another part to the patent filing that gives the option of grip the plug technology, in order to hold on tight to an accessory like a headphone and prevent its fall. The most interesting among the lot: the device can be equipped with a gas thruster that bursts and reduces the impact of the fall.

Doesn’t it seem too unrealistic? Well let’s wait and watch. The iPhone 5S might come with this technology or may be the iPhone 6.

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