Apple Watch – Full Specifications, Price and Release Date

Apple Watch – Full Specifications, Price and Release Date, Apple Revealed the Apple Watch on iPhone 6 Special Event. Yes it is called Apple watch not iWatch as was rumored from months, also it looks a lot different then the rumored image leaks. The new Apple Watch looks like a device from the future, with its stylish metallic look and innovative new interface called Digital Crown which help in interacting with the small display of the watch.


The features on this beautiful device is way ahead of anything we have seen in recent years on a wearable smart watch, here are some of the key features of Apple watch.

Features and Specifications



The Apple Watch features a sleek minimalistic design with a square face and an extremely beautiful sapphire touch screen display. On the right side of the device we have the Digital Crown, which acts as the home button for the device as well as zoom in-out, Scrolling and many other app specific tasks. The Watch is smartly designed to fit anyone in any occasion and style and for those wondering Apple Watch is water proof.

The new Apple Watch will be available with 6 different straps styles, so you can choose the one that fits and suits you.



Apple Watch is fitted with numerous sensors, it is packed with some of the most advanced and important sensors that this is the only device needed for your health, workout or regular fashion. Apple watch can easily replace the watch you are wearing now and also adds in tons of new and amazing features. To name a few it has Heart Rate sensor, GPS, accelerometer etc.

Taptic Engine

This is something unique and as Tim Cook said in the special event, only Apple can do it. Taptic is new kind of feedback system that taps on your wrist whenever you receive a notification or alert. This also provides a very personal and intimate way to communicate with your loved ones with Apple watch, you can simply tap on your watch and they will feel it in their wrist. You can even send something more personal like your heartbeat. How cool is that.


The Display of the Apple is too small for Multi Touch and other Apple Touch gestures so, it will be a single touch display but for all the gestures Apple is famous for you can do using the Digital Crown, It acts as a multipurpose interface to interact with apps for actions like zoom, scroll and going back to home screen.

The Display shows you the time automatically when you raise your hand and look at it and it will go back to sleep when not needed automatically, No need to touch or press any buttons.



The Apple Watch used the same MagSafe charging system, the connection automatically snaps into place on the back of the Device for Charging.


Apple Watch runs on a custom built Software, specially for the iWatch which eliminates the needs of taps and button presses to a great level. Most of the actions can be performed by Voice commands. Yes, Apple Watch also has Siri in it, which means you can do what even Siri does on your iPhone.

It also support emojis, voice navigation using Maps, Calling a Contact, Mobile Payments using Apple Pay, Controlling Music, Controlling Apple TV, iTunes, Walkie-Talkie and much more.


Using WatchKit, developers can make use of the Apple watch to extent the functionality of their Apps. Like for example we may be able to takes notes on Evernote by talking to our Apple Watch or send replies to Whatsapp from the watch while driving or riding.


Apple watch will be available in two different sizes, no they are not different for men and women they are just of different sizes, so you can get the one which matches your wrist size.



The Apple Watch will be available in three models to match everyone and their needs.

  • Apple Watch – The Default device.
  • Apple Watch Sport – For the Athletes, a bit more flexible.
  • Apple Watch Edition – Comes with a 18 Karat Gold Casing.

Yes, all the above models will be available in two sizes.


Apple watch will not only work with iPhone 6, the Following devices are supported.

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5

Price and Release Date

The Apple Watch price will start at $349, which we think is for the base model only. Price may go up for more added features and size. Apple watch will hit the stores early next year 2015.

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