Apple TV 4 Announced with TvOS and SiRi

Apple TV 4 Announced with TvOS and SiRi, Like we expected, Apple revealed the fourth generation Apple Tv which comes with the brand new tvOS. We will skip this part and go directly into its features, specifications and expected launch date. If you were expecting a hot new design for the Apple tv 4 this could be a woody nightshade to you. However, to compensate for that Apple has packed the new set top box with added new features.

Apple TV 4 Specifications


This time apple has kept the design resources limited in the new fourth generation Apple Tv. The design of the fourth generation Apple Tv is similar to its predecessors. It comes in the same black colour as the previous models.However, with the technical specifications improved,the hardware is taller and quite bigger then the apple Tv 3 which was obvious.


This time Apple took its hobby to a whole new level with the launch of fourth generation Apple Tv.

This time the Apple Tv comes with an A8 64-bit processor that is same for the iPhone 6 models. This is quite a progress from the A5 chipset in the third-generation model.

New Remote

This time Apple has laid its focus more on the improved functionality of the remote then the design. The previous version of the remote was undeniably beautiful but we could not say the same for its functionality.

However, This time remote which comes along with the Apple Tv4 has an integrated Glass touch surface.Everything starting from navigation, control, Play/pause button, volume button, menu button and finally to the Siri button comes in very handy. Moreover, there is a built-in microphone so that you can command Siri without shouting.

This time the remote comes with integrated motion control which helps the user to easily navigate around the user interface and can also be used for gaming purposes.This time the remote connects with the Tv via Bluetooth and not with infrared like its previous versions.

On a single charge its battery can last up to three months and the charging is done using lightning connector found in the iOS devices.

Apple TV 4 Software – tvOS

Yes,You heard it right. The Apple tv4 comes with a latest operating system called tvOS which is similar to the iOS that is found in Apple’s mobile devices. This gives the developers a new opportunity to work on new apps and games that can now be used in this tV.This goes without saying that Apple has renovated the entire UI and added new features like customizing your home screen, switching between the apps by double tapping the home button and many more. The tvOS has features of the iOS like Metal,that boosts up the set-top-box to an advanced gaming level.

Apple TV 4 Comes with Siri

The addition of Siri in the fourth generation Tv will make the customers eager to get this Tv on their living rooms.With this exclusive addition owners can now have total control of the set-top box with voice commands.Just like the iPhone and the iPad Siri can respond immediately to the commands given to it and execute them with ease.Here are some of the functions that Siri can execute.

Universal Search

The addition of the universal search option will make it easier for the users to access a wide variety of services from a single search area.For example, if you’re looking for a particular movie, the new Apple TV will look for that movie on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and any other source possible.

App store

The day that we have awaited for such a long time is finally here.Yes,the Apple tv 4 comes with the Tv App store . Just like the iOS mobile devices,the tV app store comes with a lot of applications and games for the users.The developers can keep themselves busy with developing a new array of apps and also game for the tvOS.

Apple Music

Apple Music ships with the Apple TV 4! The experience of Apple Music on the Apple tv4 will be as good as that on the iOS platform with access to 30 million songs and Beats 1 radio.


The hardware of the Apple tv4 comes with two storage options 32gb and 64gb.

This hike of space will give the users a greater option for the installation of third-party applications from the App store.

Support For Third-Party Game Controllers

In addition to the gaming with motion-supported integrated remote, Apple has also provided options for third-party wireless controllers that can be connected via Bluetooth , which means that soon we can expect Apple to release these extra controllers for extreme gaming on the big screen.


Apple TV 4 – 32GB goes for $149
Apple TV 4 – 64GB can set you back at  $199

Apple TV 4 Release Date

It will be available for purchase by the end of this October. So, are you planning to get one. What are your thoughts let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Apple TV 4 Announced with TvOS and SiRi

  1. Will there be any possibility to jailbreak TVOS ? And install Cydia since it’s the same as iOS for iPhone ?

    • Actually this is what we were waiting for. Most probably it can be jailbroken and do more interesting work using tweaks. But we will of course let you know when the jailbreak is out.