Apple to Release iPhone 6 and iPhone Mini Ditching iPhone 5S

Apple to Release iPhone 6 and iPhone Mini Ditching iPhone 5S, The rumor mills are buzzing with the news that Apple has ditched the idea of bringing the next iPhone as iPhone5S and is planning to launch iPhone 6 and iPhone Mini. iPhone mini is going to be the first budget smart phone which will be launched by Apple soon. Previously, there were rumors that Apple is soon going to launch iPhone 5S and it will have fingerprint sensor which will help in maintaining security of the device. The new budget iPhone from Apple i.e. iPhone Mini is also in a lot of discussion around. iPhone Mini is expected to be launched by September or October this year. But according to new sources, we came to know that Apple is going to launch iPhone 6 instead.


As per the rumors, the new Apple iPhone, iPhone 6 will be equipped with an A7 Quad Core Processor and it will be launched along with the upcoming iOS 7 in September or October only. iPhone 6 will come in 4 different memory sizes and those are 16/32/64/128 GB. A lot of rumors are going around telling what features iPhone 6 will arrive with. It is also being said that it will be equipped with fingerprint sensor and new features and sensors are also added to the device which will help you to control your device with simple tapping & also light scratch gestures. iPhone 6 may also come with the ability of wireless charging of the device. One major issue with all the iPhone’s is their battery life. So, we expect Apple considers installing a good battery kit in iPhone 6 that can last longer.

We think that Apple will not be launching all the 3 handsets at the same time as this will not be good for the marketing of the company. We even do not know if there is definitely going to be iPhone6, maybe all the features that are mentioned for iPhone 6 are for iPhone 5S.

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