Apple Starts Shipping iPhone 6 to Pre Order Customers

Apple Starts Shipping iPhone 6 to Pre Order Customers, It seems like a temporary relief to customers who have pre-ordered their iPhones on September 12th on Verizon as both the models are already in transit to the early birds and expected to reach them on 19th September. A week later its official announcement on September 9th the pre order came out on Apple’s official site and that of its partner carriers.  Fans all over the world rocked the internet to order it but few have managed to place the order successfully. Apple is known for breaking its own records every year and it has managed to continue the legacy this year also as 2 million iPhones were sold reportedly within 24 hours of its launch.


With high demand of the phones lining to be delivered it will soon be hard for the retailers to process such a work load. We have managed to collect a Verizon notice for a pre ordered iPhone to a customer. According to which the phone will be delivered in 19th September which is also the official release date for both the models ( iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ) on Brick and Mortar retail stores of Apple. According to a leak Fedex is going to take care of all the product shipments after its official launch date.


We have managed to talk to a Manager of a major retail outlet and he described that he and his team is ready to handle the crowd and he said like every year the Outlet is expecting a big rush and people are already getting ready to Q-up 2 days before the due date. Fingers crossed and hopes high, i also wish all the fans good luck. Keep calm and the wait will come to an end soon.

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