Apple reportedly considering iPhone 5S with LTE Advanced

Apple reportedly considering iPhone 5S with LTE Advanced, There are many rumors going on about the next iPhone coming in the market which will come with the name tag of iPhone 5S. With the passage of time, new features are being discovered in the upcoming iPhone 5S. We already have heard about the rumors regarding the fingerprints sensor which will come with iPhone 5S, but according to some sources this mighty device from Apple may come with LTE Advanced. iPhone 5 already comes with LTE, but with 4G LTE advanced users can experience speeds up to 150 MBPS +.


The report was given by a South Korean carrier named S K Telecom. Chairman of S K telecom had a chit-chat with Apple regarding a phone to be launched in latter half of the year which will come with LTE-A Technology. It is not sure if this phone based on LTE-A technology will be launched or not, but if comes it will be equipped with Qualcomm modem.

Last week, LTE-A network was launched by S k Telecom. Samsung is also going to launch a new handset which will use LTE-A technology. There are 7 different handsets which will use LTE-A technology and these are soon going to be launched in South Korea. There is huge demand of high connectivity speeds in countries like Korea. Apple took the decision to test this LTE-A technology developed by South Korean carrier provider, and want to know how it works. Apple said that if the results are satisfying, they will think about their next move.

LTE-A technology is soon going to arrive in countries like United States, as per statements received from various telecom providers. It will definitely take time to implement the network in the country. Now, we have to see if apple will provide support for LTE-A technology in South Korea or not.

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