Apple patents smart bezel display

Apple patents smart bezel display, Apple has recently signed the patent for iWatch and maybe they are going to launch the gadget soon by next year. As gadgets like iWatch are considerably small in screen size, they can be equipped with a limited display only. Apple has found out a way which will help in maximizing the display size so that touch input interface is easily operated for devices like iWatch. Kodak, which is known as Pioneers in Photography field, is going to help Apple to bring smart breeze display in to their small devices.


Apple filled a patent in U.S. patent and trademark office. The patent was made for a touch sensitive bezel which is surrounded by the main display of the device. With the help of this smart bezel, additional space will be available on the display and user can also use the touch interface on the corners of the screen. This will provide a greater flexibility for the user.

The patent is filed under the name of “Electronic device, display and touch-sensitive user interface”. The patent tells that the display will be divided into two portions. The first part of the display will help in active viewing whereas the second part of the display is covered in the second portion.

What does the patient say?

“A sensor system senses when a person is close to touching the bezel or when a person is in touch with the bezel and generates a sensor signal; and a controller is operable to adjust the appearance of the active area in the part of the second portion when the controller determines that a person has touched the bezel or is close to touching the bezel.” It looks like the patent Apple is having is part of the Kodak portfolio technology. Apple has already started using the trademark “iWatch” in many countries like Taiwan, Mexico, Russia and Japan.

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