Apple Patented new 3D Goggles system

Apple Patented new 3D Goggles system, My imaginations are going wild when i heard the news that Apple has been granted a new patent by the USPTO. The new patent describes a head-mounted 3D display system, that will allow users to watch and enjoy their favorite videos and other media content while on the move.


In the Patent description, Apple said that this new system is for users who want to enjoy videos on the go while having the same viewing experience of watching those videos on a television or computer monitor. The display system to be as compact and portable as an iPod will give its user the same viewing experience of watching a HD television that too with the highest level of privacy.

Well yes, think about privacy on this handy goggles. You will wear it and watch your videos and other content while everyone else cant see it. I can already place myself in a long journey by bus or train and wearing on of these and enjoying my favorite movies in HD, without disturbing or letting anyone around me have a clue about it.

Not only videos or movies the display system will provide different images for each eye based on the users eyesight correction. This will also be able to display full 3D videos, enabling true virtual reality experiences. The official description of the new patent is as follows –

A goggle system for providing a personal media viewing experience to a user is provided. The goggle system may include an outer cover, a mid-frame, optical components for generating the media display, and a lens on which the generated media displayed is provided to the user. The goggle system, or head mounted display may have any suitable appearance. For example, the goggle system may resemble ski or motorcycle goggles. To enhance the user’s comfort, the goggle system may include breathable components, including for example breathable foam that rests against the user’s face, and may allow the user to move the display generation components for alignment with the user’s eyes. In some embodiments, the goggle system may include data processing circuitry operative to adjust left and right images generated by the optical components to display 3-D media, or account for a user’s eyesight limitations.

According to sources the users of this new device can feed in their eye sight correction values into it manually or the goggle system can auto detect the values itself.

My imaginations are always wild but right now i am not sure how Apple will be using these new patents, fact is getting a new patent doesn’t mean a product based on it in the near future but one thing is sure, Apple stores some amazing products for us in the future. Talking about future the most realistic i can thing of now is the Apple iWatch rumored to be releasing next year.

What are your takes on the new patent, tell us your crazy imaginations in the comments below.

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