Apple offering $299 refurbished iPad Minis at its online store

Apple offering $299 refurbished iPad Minis at its online store, Planning to buy an iPad Mini, but the exorbitant price is putting you down? Well, now there is another option for you. A cheaper one. Apple is offering refurbished iPad Minis at its online store. And the entry-level iPad Mini is available for $299 only, whereas an entry-level new iPad Mini costs $330. The discount is 9%. So now, the price of the refurbished iPad Mini is equivalent to the entry-level iPad 2. Apple is also offering refurbished fourth generation iPads at its online store, but obviously, they are costlier than this attractive iPad Mini offering.


A refurbished product is nothing but the ones that turn out to be defective during their warranty period and are returned back to Apple for a replacement. Then these devices are mended and they get new parts and become as good as new ones. Though these are tagged as refurbished, don’t think that they are of sub-standard quality. They are as good as brand new ones. Of course, they will be. After all, who is refurbishing them? It is Apple. They come with new batteries and new backs. They also come with a one-year Apple warranty. So, they are as good as new ones. Only, they are cheaper.

But many working class people get a corporate discount on the iPad Mini that is higher than $30. So, this might not be a good deal for those people. Also, a lot of people are quite skeptical about buying an electronic device that is not brand new. So, many people might keep away from this deal. But there are a lot of people who are going to take full advantage of this great deal being offered by Apple and they are going to grab this opportunity with both their hands. So, if you are one of those, then it is time for you to visit the Apple Online Store. 

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