Apple Named Most Valuable Million Dollar Brand in the US

Apple Named Most Valuable Million Dollar Brand in the US, The latest report listing the top Billion Dollar companies in the United States was released by Brand Finance, a brand consulting agency. The criteria used by this company was a combination of an estimate of royalty that would be paid to a company for using their brand and possible revenue that could be earned in the future.


As many would expect Apple came out top on the list by a massive range of value estimated to be $104.7 billion.In terms of market capital, this company that makes iPad is ranked number one in the world, and in several occasions it has claimed the top spot in other reports rating companies.

The breakdown for the 10 most valued companies according to Brand Finance is as follows:

The closest after Apple is Google valued at $68.6, followed by Microsoft in third place with a value of $62.8 billion. In the fourth and fifth places respectively are Verizon and general Electric respectively valued at $53.5 and $52.5 billion. What stood out is that tech companies took 5 of the best 10 spots as the house hold name Coca-Cola closed the top 10.

Despite the fact that there were not so many surprises among the best 10 companies, a few things stood out by the position of some other brands in the complete best 500 list from finance Brand. Big names like Dell and Yahoo were not found in the top 50 while Facebook missed out completely from the list.

It’s obviously hard to base your argument base upon just one report such as this, but it needs to be noted that the fact that Apple appears to be number one in other reports as well means thing must be working right for them.

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