iWatch is now a Trademark of Apple

iWatch is now a Trademark of Apple, Apple recently filed for a patent for their new product in Japan last week. We have already heard a lot about the iWatch, but all those rumors are going to come to rest soon, as Apple has filed the patent for iWatch. It looks like apple is thinking to bring additions to its products by adding some cool gadgets.


iWatch is not a new concept; similar kind of smart watch has already been released by Sony recently. This iWatch is going to be little different from all the watches that are available in the market. This super watch will have one unique feature which will distinguish it from all the smart watches out in the market. Apple is planning to add a feature which will allow you to sync your iWatch with your iPhone. This will allow you to get all the notifications of your iWatch like incoming calls, email messages, text messages, twitter updates and other than that it will serve its main purpose of being a watch also.

As apple has signed for iWatch patent, now there are rumors that iWatch will be available by next year. Some people think that maybe Apple signed the patent so that any other company cannot use the name for their own product.  However, there is no such announcement by Apple till now that they are going to launch a new gadget in market. Maybe this is because they do not want anyone to misuse the name for their product.

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