Apple iWatch Specifications – Full Report

Apple iWatch SpecificationsKGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shared a lot of insight about iWatch besides just noting that it will be released next week and not in October as expected. As it emerged, Apple will launch the wearable alongside the new iPhone 6 on September 9 2014. Kuo is of the strong belief that there will be two versions of iWatch.


When the gold iPhone 5s was a launched last year it sold like gold dust even though there were scepticism prior to release. The fact that iWatch will steal the show is no news and it having a golden colour is no brainer. The iWatch is already in demand and is likely to sell in the same manner that iPhone 5 did. An earlier New York Times article had the suggestion that the device will be more inclined towards fashion and functionality, could this make the word of Jony Ive  that Switzerland is in trouble come true?. According to Kuo iWatch will become in two options in terms of size: A female version of 1.3-inches and a male version of 1.5-inches.

For what is inside it is already known that the device will be full of sensors integrated with Homekit and HealthKit, Kuo further believes that the device will be coming with an 8GB internal storage and a 512 MB RAM. He further warns that the device will mostly be metallic something that sounds rather as guess work given the company’s history of using premium materials.

Kuo closes his report by saying that he does not expect the device to ship before next year. Though through tradition it is not like Apple to leave gaps between launch and release this seems to make sense. Android wearables are expected to roll in before this holiday but if consumers set their minds on iWatch they may with hold and wait.

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