Apple iWatch 2014 With Wireless Charging – Concept

Apple iWatch 2014 With Wireless Charging, iWatch concepts have been flowing in from different quotas this season and adding to the speculations is a design student from Argentina known as Tomas Moyano, who seems to lean toward the future as opposed to the past traditional ones.


in his idea, Moyano seems to have a different take on the circular display. As stated by him, it is strapless with a cavity around the display that enables you to hook you own band or necklace. It appears to stick to the skin constantly and with that it doesn’t make any sound but uses vibration to alert on notifications.

It comes as a solid compact of 7.6 mm in thickness and a diameter of 42 mm. it has the capability to withstand water and dust, as well as the ability to stand against knocks and bangs. It comes with no speakers, microphones or even physical buttons.

The watch is to run on iOS7 based on this concept, with a battery life of upto 50 hours on standby mode. The watch is more leaned towards health and fitness coming with health related sensors such as pulsometer and temperature sensor.


Its’ processor will be the A6 with an additional M7 motion control coprocessor and a storage capacity of 8GB and 16GB. It should also have a front iSight camera with 1.2 megapixels with ability to shoot a 720p HD video.

Moyano states that its screen is to be 1.4 inches, made of Sapphire, with a resolution of 200 x 200 pixels, at 200 ppi.  It will be able to synchronize with your iPhone via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy. Charging it can be done in two ways, in a wireless fashion with the help of an induction charge or by the sun aided by the solar panel situated under the screen. This concept is quite unique from what others have presented.

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