Apple iCloud Now Runs on Green Energy

Apple iCloud Now Runs on Green Energy, Last year, Apple did not fair quite well in their Environmental Progress Report. But this year it has come out with flying colors. Thanks to its iCloud service getting powered by solar energy. Till last year, the service was powered by coal. Hence, the dismal performance. But this year, being powered by solar energy, the iCloud service has brought Apple its much-needed appreciation from Greenpeace in its Environmental Progress Report. It has also been revealed that 75% of all Apple corporate office space is powered by some sort of renewable source of energy, be it solar, geothermal or wind energy.


All of Apple’s data centers that are responsible for their iCloud and iTunes services are powered by solar energy. Their final goal is to have all of their facilities being powered by some form of renewable energy. Apple’s iCloud data center in Maiden, North Carolina is fully powered by solar energy and fuel cells. This facility produces 167 million kilowatt-hours of energy from a 100-acre solar farm. It also incorporates conversion of biogas into energy. Apple plans to eventually power all its facilities with renewable forms of energy produced at its own facilities. Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer, said that at present, heir Maiden, North Carolina facility is the largest non-utility power generating facility in the United States. Apple’s facilities in Austin (Texas), Sacramento (California) and Cork (Ireland) operate using some form of renewable energy.

Apple’s server facilities are high-energy consumers. So, they had come under fire for consuming high amounts of energy and operating on coal power. Other companies that also came under fire were Microsoft and Amazon.

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