How to Make Free Calls using Facebook

How to Make Free Calls using Facebook, The free call facility available in the Facebook Messenger app in the US, Canada and the UK is a very useful feature. Of course, who doesn’t like free stuff? Everybody does. It does use your data plan, if you are using cellular data, or your Wi-Fi. But with most people nowadays taking up unlimited data and Wi-Fi plans, this feature has come as a boon to people who spend long hours on their phones making calls. People might say that Skype does pretty much the same thing. But the real reason for this feature of the Facebook Messenger app becoming an instant success is because people have much more contacts on Facebook, than they have on Skype.

So, people can contact and talk to anybody residing in the US, the UK and Canada who are in their Facebook friends’ list. Also it is much more interesting than Skype because you have access to an extensive profile of the person you are talking to, as compared to Skype.


This feature has now been incorporated into the very popular Facebook default app. So, you no longer have to download the Facebook Messenger app in order to make free calls. Your default Facebook app is good enough to do the same.

This is how free calls can be made using the default Facebook app:

  • In the Facebook app, search for the person you want to talk to, and open his/her profile.
  • Go to Message
  • On the top of the screen, there is an i
  • Click on the i
  • Click on Free Call

That is all. Now you are good to go. Isn’t it easy to use and very useful? I know, you will agree. For more technological news from around the world, keep following evasi0n jailbreak.

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