3G Unrestrictor Jailbreak Tweak

3G Unrestrictor Jailbreak Tweak, ever wanted to make a facetime call to someone and there is no Wi-Fi connection available. Well, the iOS firmware is programmed not to use 3G network data for making facetime calls or backing up the device to iClouds. This precaution measure is set by Apple so that your don’t over do your monthly 3G data package, these data plans comes very costly and are to be used with great care, specially those apps and services that automatically downloads data without your knowledge. But if you have a large data package or if you don’t mind over using your data contract plan you can download and install this Cydia tweak called 3G Unrestrictor.


The Cydia tweak does exactly what it says, it removes any restrictions from the 3g data usage. This isĀ achieved by making your apps and services think it is connected to the Wi-Fi actually when you are using your 3G data. This can come real handy specially with facetime calls, now and then you may need to make a facetime call to someone when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. If you remember we have talked about how to download larger files from app store on 3G without a jailbreak, when you have a jailbreak you can simply install this tweak and download larger files but on a device without a jailbreak you can follow the trick from that article.

3G Unrestrictor adds up a set of on off toggles in SBsettings from where you can turn on or off apps for which you want to use the unrestrictor. The 3G unrestrictor is available in cydia for a small fee of $3.99 or $0.99 if you want to upgrade from an earlier version.

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